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FTTx. (Fiber To The X) means all possible optical fiber topologies from a telecom or cable carrier to its customers, based on the location of the fiber’s termination point.
X can be anything from below mentioned list.
FTT” H” = Home
FTT” B” = Building
FTT” F” = Floor

Fiber to the Home (FTTH), also called “fiber to the premises” (FTTP), is the installation and use of optical fiber from a central point directly to individual buildings such as residences, apartment buildings and businesses to provide unprecedented high-speed Internet access.

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) services are given on copper (telephone) lines. Whereas FTTH (Fiber To The Home), on the other hand, adopts optical fiber that allows long-distance transmission and more stable signals.

Thanks for showing interest in our FTTH Service, we will be glad to have you on board as part of our Prefix Broadband family.
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Our Business Team will get back to you in next 24 Hrs for further discussion:

  • Prefix Business Internet Access gives you the speeds you need to get more done
  • Meet all your business goals with fast, reliable and secure solutions from a local service provider with extensive
  • 100% local support – right in your own backyard from folks who might be your neighbor
  • Our local support staff, technicians and engineers monitor our network 24/7 ensure you are always connected
  • Increased speed levels so that your business can improve performance while focusing on primary business needs, not IT needs
  • BTS Availability via P2P network so that your business can get Business Internet installed typically within 2-3 weeks
  • Scalable Capacity so that your business can purchase the bandwidth needed today and easily change as your business needs change
  • Absolutely. Prefix Business is a service that you can grow with.
  • You can always upgrade to a new level of speed, just contact us and we will be happy to help.

Dynamic IPs are renewed each time you restart your system. Usually this number is different every time since it’s pulled out of a pool of available Dynamic IPs from the Continuum Business system. Static IPs are assigned to our customers who purchase them. The customer’s Static IP is always the same, which is a necessity when you are running a web server, mail server or any piece of equipment that needs to have the same IP address every time you access it.

Many businesses need Internet connectivity today with low latency, high reliability, and tight security to support their applications and sensitive data activity. Continuum’s Dedicated Internet Access enables these mission-critical business activities by connecting your business directly to the Internet.

Dedicated Fiber Internet Access service runs on our Enterprise fiber-rich network and features:

  • Flexible & scalable bandwidth options ranging from 25 Mbps up to 1 Gbps
  • Dedicated, reserved, high-bandwidth internet speed
  • Secure connections with guaranteed up-time and always-on connectivity
  • Scalable solutions that include burstable speeds
  • Ability to easily upgrade service to a higher bandwidth
  • Provided over OneTouch Enterprise’s fiber-rich network

Business Wi-Fi is a service provided by Prefix Business to allow customers to use their Wi-Fi enabled devices with their Prefix Business Internet service. Business Wi-Fi is available to customers with specific Wi-Fi capable cable modems. Please contact your business representative to see if you can get Business Wi-Fi.

Local business support is available 24/7/365 by calling 87109-10987.

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