Online TVDecember 12, 20190

Smart TVs: Everything You Need to Know

A smart TV makes it easy to stream movies and shows, and newer models offer voice control and smart home integration. But there are some risks, too. While regular TVs have been around for decades, these so-called “dumb TVs” only do one thing: Receive signal from an  HDTV antenna , cable or another A/V source. That was great when those were …

Online TVDecember 12, 20190

Top 10 Online Streaming Services

Netflix – The Best of the best when it comes to online TV Streaming The original reason why online streaming services became so popular. They have some of the best originals (popularly known as Netflix Originals) both in movies and series. Some of the most popular ones like Sacred Games, Lust Stories, Love per Square Foot, Selection Day, Bird …

Online TVNovember 30, 20180

The Effect of Virtual Reality Helmets and 3D Glasses

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